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4 Surefire Tips to Save your Failing Marriage from Divorce

Marriage is a uncontaminated and blessed bond between two people’s, in marriage the two individual and couples shares their rest of their life with each other or together. It is based on the spiritual powers and the rituals. Marriage is the lifetime bond between the two partners which is created by the choice of god and by itself for the rest of the life. Few years after the marriage spend like the best moments of the life. But after some years the problems and conflicts arise in the marriage or in the relationship. Couples face many ups and downs in their marriage life. Sometimes problems and conflicts arise in the relationship and create lots of hurdle and difficulties in the marriage or in the relationship and these difficulties and problems lead the situation of divorce problem and separation between couples and in their marriage and can ruin the entire relationship or bond. But if you want to save your marriage from the divorce and disputes then there are some ways to resolves the disputes form your marriage. How to save […]

Can One Partner Really Able To Save Marriage?

There are many marriages that are facing unwell and unhealthy relationship but there are some marriages that are flourish in today’s society. Can one partner save the marriage? Our world’s famous astrologer is a specialist in black magic. He has been helping individuals in the world of dating or in the world of marriage to make them choose the appropriate relationship. He provides the best decisions in order to turn relationships from dysfunctional to work in the functional and then turn to the best flourishing relationship.  Follow these simple steps to driving away your relationship from dysfunctional- Decision making: from today onwards start making the decision, mark in the calendar, that for the next 90 days you are going to allow your partner to be right. do not try to ask questions, unless its life or dies situation. You just go out from the way. And do whatever your spouse wants you to do. Keep a journal: whatever you are doing and how you are doing keep a record of all of that. Maintain a journal and record in that […]

जानिए लव मैरिज करने के लिए एस्ट्रोलॉजी टिप्स

आज कल ऐसे बहुत से परिवार है जो अपने बच्चों की शादी विवाह के फैसले वो खुद लेते है और उस दौरान वो उनकी पसंद और नापसंद जानना भी जरुरी नहीं समझते है। अगर कोई बच्चा लव मैरिज करने का फैसला कर भी लेता है तो उसके घर से सपोर्ट मिलना नामुमकिन नजर आता है। आप अपने मनपसंद साथी के साथ विवाह बंधन में बंधना चाह रहे हैं और तमाम मुश्किलें आपके सामने खड़ी हैं तो अपनाइए कुछ खास उपाय। इन उपायों से आप अपने प्यार के साथ बिना किसी बाधा के शादी के बंधन में बंध सकेंगे। ‍नीचे दिए गए मंत्रों को इच्छुक लड़की 91 दिन घी का दीपक लगाकर जप करें। दुर्गा जी का ध्यान कर 5 माला प्रतिदिन जपें। मां भगवती के आशीर्वाद से आपका अपने प्यार से शीघ्र विवाह हो जाएगा। मंत्र: 1- हे देवि कात्यायनी यथा त्वं शंकरप्रिया। तथा माम कुरु कल्याणी, कान्त कान्तां सुदुर्लभाम।। 2- कात्यायनी महामाया, महायोगीन्यधीश्वरी नंद गोप सुतं देहि पति में कुरु ते नम:।। शनिवार के दिन सुंदरकांड का पाठ करें। सरसों या तिल्ली के तेल का ही दीपक लगाएं। माह […]

What are the solutions to convince the parents for love marriage?

We all know that one cannot able to stay solitary with his or her wife for the whole life. Each and everyone needs a life partner with whom they are able to wish to share their emotions, feelings, thoughts and overall life. When we meet someone who fits perfectly in the mold of the dream partner you have always desire. People form an instant connection with them. For the reason, at that time everything is happy and blossom till here but when they have to talk to parents for their marriage, this creates a lot of issues in their life. In Indian society and Indian parents have huge dreams in relation to the marriage of their children and have intense involvement in choosing the bride and the groom for them. Whenever their child talks about inter caste love marriage then it becomes unacceptable for them. Therefore they feel deprived of their rights over their children. When parents deny for the love marriage then it is a very heartbreaking situation for the couples as they are not able to live without […]

4 Effective Keys for Successful Marriage Life

Relationships are essential as we all want to walk in it with a host of needs and wants. We are eager to jump into committed relationships by trusting that our partner knows you enough to provide companionship, excitement, and intimacy. There must be good communication, truthfulness, and kindness to make your relationship stronger. Men and women both bring different needs and wants into the relationship. If you are still facing issues in married life then take help of the specialist baba ji in vashikaran. For the unification of work, partners must be extremely attentive to each other. Men also need arousing support In a relationship, men need emotional support that can only come from a strong; attentive partner. While most men are unwilling to admit that they carry emotional behavior inside them. After all, men too are human beings; hence they also need support and confidence from their spouse. Your support will inculcate motivation and happiness among them. Security Partners of men must create a relationship with safety. Men should feel secured while expressing their fears and frustrations in a […]

अपने वैवाहिक जीवन को सुखमय बनाने के लिए करें यह असरदार उपाय

चाहे वो कोई भी रिश्ता क्यों ना हो उसमे खट्टी मीठी अनबन होना एक आम बात है। पति पत्नी का रिश्ता ऐसा है जिसमे ख़ास तौर पर अनबन चलती रहती है।  लेकिन कई बार बेवजह बात बढ़ जाती है।  और छोटी सी अनबन बहुत बड़ी हो जाती है।  ऐसे में क्या करे और कैसे बात को सुलझाए।  यही बात हर दाम्पत्य जोड़े के दिमाग में आती है। इन होने वाली अनबनों की बहुत सी वजह रहती है। कई बार तो ऐसा होता है कि दोनों के ना चाहते हुए भी अनबन हो  ही जाती है। घर में उपस्थित नकारात्मक ऊर्जा की वजह से भी ऐसा हो जाता है। अक्सर देखा जाता है कई बार ऐसा भी होता है कि अनबन बहुत ही लम्बे समय के लिए चलती है। आज के इस लेख में हम आपको बताने जा रहे है कि कैसे आप अपने दाम्पत्य जीवन में खुशिया ला सकते है और नकारात्मकता को दूर कर सकते है। आज हम आपको बताने वाले है कुछ ज्योतिषीय उपाय जिनको यदि आप अपने जीवन में लागू करते है तो पति पत्नी के बीच […]

How to Survive In a Loveless Marriage?

Marriage is an uncontaminated or wholesome bond or connection between couples. But if you are in a marriage with no and lacking love, you may be aware of and feel discouraging and unable to help. But if you want to save your marriage and are dyed-in-the-wool towards your marriage you can get better things and be happy in somebody’s company or as one again. But it takes endeavor and perseverance from both the parties. It is significant or imperative to note that you both have to work at things so that you can find your love again and make your marriage enhanced or superior than ever previous to. You can take the help of a love marriage specialist. Try to be with a release mind and an encouraging and affirmative approach.  If you are both enthusiastic and willing to try then you can get better and develop your marriage devoid of and with no love and get things back to usual for a second time by burden or responsibility these steps:  1) Start talking Conversation and communications is one of […]

3 Signs of an Unhappy Marriage

Marriage is a relationship and bond between two people’s where two individual ties a note to live together for the rest of the life or until they both die. In marriage, two individuals share happiness, sorrow, sadness, emotions, feelings, sentiments, ups, and downs or ongoing and upcoming together in their marriage life. Marriage is a very pure and sacred bond or relationship. But if a relationship was going through from the rough patches day by day or regularly in your life by no means. It is a sign of an unhappy marriage and if you are going to seems in your relationship and want to stay in the relationship or in this marriage or want to get separated from it. Signs which shows an unhappy marriage: Here are some signs mentions below which shows that you are in an unhappy relationship – Ineffective communication skills and structure – Communication is key to any relationship or marriage; better and effective communication leads to a better marriage and ineffective communication leads to an unhealthy or unhappy marriage. If you both do not […]