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अपने वैवाहिक जीवन को सुखमय बनाने के लिए करें यह असरदार उपाय

चाहे वो कोई भी रिश्ता क्यों ना हो उसमे खट्टी मीठी अनबन होना एक आम बात है। पति पत्नी का रिश्ता ऐसा है जिसमे ख़ास तौर पर अनबन चलती रहती है।  लेकिन कई बार बेवजह बात बढ़ जाती है।  और छोटी सी अनबन बहुत बड़ी हो जाती है।  ऐसे में क्या करे और कैसे बात को सुलझाए।  यही बात हर दाम्पत्य जोड़े के दिमाग में आती है। इन होने वाली अनबनों की बहुत सी वजह रहती है। कई बार तो ऐसा होता है कि दोनों के ना चाहते हुए भी अनबन हो  ही जाती है। घर में उपस्थित नकारात्मक ऊर्जा की वजह से भी ऐसा हो जाता है। अक्सर देखा जाता है कई बार ऐसा भी होता है कि अनबन बहुत ही लम्बे समय के लिए चलती है। आज के इस लेख में हम आपको बताने जा रहे है कि कैसे आप अपने दाम्पत्य जीवन में खुशिया ला सकते है और नकारात्मकता को दूर कर सकते है। आज हम आपको बताने वाले है कुछ ज्योतिषीय उपाय जिनको यदि आप अपने जीवन में लागू करते है तो पति पत्नी के बीच […]

How to Survive In a Loveless Marriage?

Marriage is an uncontaminated or wholesome bond or connection between couples. But if you are in a marriage with no and lacking love, you may be aware of and feel discouraging and unable to help. But if you want to save your marriage and are dyed-in-the-wool towards your marriage you can get better things and be happy in somebody’s company or as one again. But it takes endeavor and perseverance from both the parties. It is significant or imperative to note that you both have to work at things so that you can find your love again and make your marriage enhanced or superior than ever previous to. You can take the help of a love marriage specialist. Try to be with a release mind and an encouraging and affirmative approach.  If you are both enthusiastic and willing to try then you can get better and develop your marriage devoid of and with no love and get things back to usual for a second time by burden or responsibility these steps:  1) Start talking Conversation and communications is one of […]

3 Signs of an Unhappy Marriage

Marriage is a relationship and bond between two people’s where two individual ties a note to live together for the rest of the life or until they both die. In marriage, two individuals share happiness, sorrow, sadness, emotions, feelings, sentiments, ups, and downs or ongoing and upcoming together in their marriage life. Marriage is a very pure and sacred bond or relationship. But if a relationship was going through from the rough patches day by day or regularly in your life by no means. It is a sign of an unhappy marriage and if you are going to seems in your relationship and want to stay in the relationship or in this marriage or want to get separated from it. Signs which shows an unhappy marriage: Here are some signs mentions below which shows that you are in an unhappy relationship – Ineffective communication skills and structure – Communication is key to any relationship or marriage; better and effective communication leads to a better marriage and ineffective communication leads to an unhealthy or unhappy marriage. If you both do not […]