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Do not do these things while chanting Hanuman Chalisa

hanuman chalisa

During the time of chanting the complete Hanuman Chalisa the chaupai which is known as ‘संकट ते हनुमान छुडावै । मन क्रम बचन ध्यान जो लावै ।। It gives them hope to people. It helps to assure them of lord hanuman’s blessings and guidance on them. According to the Hindu religion, whosoever worships lord hanuman gains pro according to Hinduism. People who worship lord hanuman gain prosperity, riches, good health, harmony and safety from the negative energies. It also helps to specify, riches, good health, harmony and safety from all the negative energies.

In the Hindu religion, we all know that lord hanuman ji is the simplest, sweetest and courageous god. Hanuman Ji embraces the undying devotion for Lord Ram. As well as he also admires the devotion of one and all. Therefore the Lord Hanuman Ji is strong and yet generous and he never delays bestowing blessing to his devotees.

The hanuman Chalisa comprises entirely 40 chaupayis. The devotees should chant the Hanuman Chalisa on a daily basis with the belief to the ward off the negativity around them. For the reason, there are some of the rules that one must follow while they are chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. Consequently, there are many people who overlook them and make mistakes. In a matter of fact, all the devotional acts serve their purposes in a specific way. So here we are providing some of the things that you must not do while chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

1.            Do not chant from in-betweens

Hanuman Chalisa has enormous benefits to offering the person chanting it correctly. However, people often sing or chant a few lines and then move forward or get busy. This is the thing that angers lord hanuman Ji. You must finish it entirely. When someone leaves the Hanuman Chalisa in the middle it not just brings bad luck but it also pushes you away from the blessing of Hanuman Ji.

2.            Stay away from Meat and Alcohol

It is known by everyone that Lord Hanuman Ji follows complete Brahmacharya. Hanuman Ji stays away from all kinds of meat and alcohol. If you are drinking alcohol and chant Hanuman Chalisa regularly then it would never give you the positive results. So if you want to attain Hanuman Ji’s blessings you must never go near the meat or the liquor or any drug.

3.            Stay away from greedy doers

You must keep your distance from the people who have an association with the greedy deeds. The pure aim of chanting Hanuman Chalisa is to set ourselves free from the greed and crimes. Stay away from the people who have poor intentions. We all know that Lord Hanuman has a deep faith in helping people in all possible ways.

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